Our Company

Resurge Enterprise is a competitive business-to-consumer marketing and sales company in Austin, TX. Our firm partners with multi-billion dollar telecom companies to help improve name brand recognition, expand market reach, and offer consumer feedback in real-time. As consumer behavior has shifted more online, a gap has emerged in face-to-face sales. Company focus has shifted to creating an extremely user-friendly website and great call center, but what happens when people don’t know the product well enough and need information? That’s exactly where Resurge Enterprise comes in.

We drive performance through offering 100% internal advancement opportunities making sure that promotions are given based on performance and aptitude. We do not buy into the seniority corporate structure or favoritism. Our team at Resurge Enterprise, while competitive, is not cutthroat. We have further fostered a collaborative team environment by intertwining team success with individual success. What does that mean? To be promoted into a managerial role, a team member must teach others not only how to be successful in sales but also be able to teach others as well.

We have huge goals over the next year. With requests from clients to keep expanding, we plan to open two new offices over the next 12 months without sacrificing our standards or company culture. Resurge Enterprise thrives when the bar is set high and we plan to continue to wow our clients with our commitment to excellence, integrity, and humility.