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Managing Self-Doubt as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, having feelings of self-doubt is common. After all, we’re only human! Have you ever heard the phrase “fake it ’till you make it?” Our team here at Resurge Enterprise has, and sometimes, it’s the exact mindset that we need to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and into a space of self-awareness.

What is self-doubt? It is the mental habit of questioning your judgment or worth. Does this sound familiar? Like all habits, self-doubt can come from a wide variety of sources. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can strengthen your mind and rid yourself of your low self-esteem.

Our team is not new to facing obstacles; just look at all we accomplished this past year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, we would like to share some experienced advice on managing and overcoming your self-doubt so that you can get back to focusing on your goals!

Adopt a Growth Mindset

What does it mean to have a growth mindset? This is the act of believing your skills can be developed personally and professionally. What you want to avoid is called a “fixed” mindset, the act of believing your skills are based on some innate ability or are limited beyond your control. Individuals with a growth mindset are focused on learning. As a result, they don’t get hung up on what they can or cannot do.

Cultivate Your Sense of Purpose

Individuals who have struggled for a long time with negative self-talk often find themselves so consumed with avoiding the negatives that they haven’t spent much time cultivating the positives.

Did Rosa Parks have the courage to stand up for herself because she was good at dismissing self-doubt, or was it because she had an intensely strong sense of purpose that she was committed to? Find your purpose, decide on your commitments, and follow-through; this is one of the core values Resurge Enterprise was founded on.

Surround Yourself with People Who Believe in You

“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

In actuality, we are social creatures. No matter how introverted you may think you are, we all need positive social interaction and affirmation; it’s part of human nature. When you surround yourself with good people, it helps you find both inspiration and accountability. A good mastermind group can keep you focused and on track. When you feel good, you feel unstoppable. So, choose your squad wisely because they’ll inspire you – and you’ll encourage them right back.

Do the Right Kind of Comparisons

We’re not talking about comparing yourself to individuals on an entirely different chapter in work or life. Become mindful about whom you compare yourself to. Specifically, try comparing yourself to past versions of yourself rather than others. After all, life is about becoming the best version of you.

Self-doubt is a habit – nothing more, nothing less. You have the power to free yourself from chronic self-doubt by building better habits. The first step is to become aware and understand that you are in control of your daily actions. Then, all you need to do is find your purpose, surround yourself with like-minded individuals, and keep track of your progress!

Our team here at Resurge Enterprise is continuously working on becoming more mindful of our inner self-talk and everyday activities. We hope that these tips help you tackle the rest of your 2021 goals with confidence!

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